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Behind the team of competent doctors of OYA Clinic is a co-owner and head doctor, Dr. Meryl "Mimi" Kallman. Born in the United States but now a proud Indonesian citizen, Dr. Mimi brings to OYA a unique understanding about aesthetic medicine, combining best practice East meets West and the latest in treatments and care.

Dr. Meryl


In ancient mythology, OYA is known as the goddess of wind and the spirit of change. She is the seeker of truth. Like OYA, we seek the truth and support change at a cellular level, bringing you youthful, healthy results from the inside out. Here at OYA we are a general healthcare clinic with a focus on preventive healthcare. Our holistic approach encompasses all aspects of health, including routine examinations, dental care, vaccination programs, preventive and curative IV drips, as well as anti-aging treatments. 

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